Oliver “Ray” Whittington is a unique individual at age 80. He has worked as a salesman for Foley’s for many years. Despite a long career there, he only lasted a short time in retirement and then started working for a national golf company. Mr. Whittington is still an avid golfer.

Ray is also unique in that he is the recipient of a new, more improved type of hip surgery performed by Dr. James Fogarty, his partner Dr. Alain Elbaz, and a multi-disciplinary healthcare team at the North Cypress Medical Center. Drs. Fogarty and Elbaz are two of the few Orthopedic Surgeons performing this type of surgery in Houston, and have already done multiple cases at North Cypress with excellent success.

The Anterior Hip approach involves using a special flexible table that allows the surgeon to make a much smaller, less invasive anterior incision. Because of the location and size of this incision and approach to the hip, less muscle and normal tissue has to be dissected through. This results in improved function, rehabilitation and a speedier recovery. Ray says, “I had my other hip replaced the old fashioned way two years ago. I had a very hard time getting back to normal, not to mention the pain I felt after the surgery.     I could barely walk with a cane three months after surgery and was in the hospital for over a week. With this new procedure I was up and walking in one week. I went home after only two days in the hospital.  I was amazed at how much easier and less painful my recovery was. I am sure happy I had this new operation at North Cypress. I really liked the hospital and the staff. I am also enjoying my physical therapy there.”

The Operating Table - Following anesthesia the patient is placed supine on the ProFX orthopedic table. The carbon fiber struts that support the legs will move appropriately and manipulate the operated leg during surgery.

The Approach - The hip is exposed by following a natural plane between muscles and without detachment of muscle or tendons from the bone. The femoral neck is cut and the arthritic femoral head and neck are removed.

Dr. Fogarty states, “The majority of my patients are very happy with this operation. We are able to accomplish the same clinical and functional outcome with less pain, recovery time, inconvenience and cost. Everybody wins with this procedure.”

There are just a few centers in the Houston area doing this type of sophisticated joint surgery. North Cypress Medical Center is one of them. If you have an orthopedic problem and are interested in finding out more about this new revolutionary procedure, please contact us at our referral line 832-912-3834 for more information and a referral to one of our Bone and Joint specialists.