North Cypress Medical Center January 11, 2012

North Cypress Medical Center offers the latest in cardiac diagnostic and treatment technology utilizing our state-of-the-art digital cath lab, comprehensive cardiology suite, and operating rooms for heart surgery. Experienced cardiologists, cardio-thoracic surgeons, and a skilled staff of professionals are on staff to address your cardiac needs.

North Cypress recognizes the need for immediate care and intervention in critical situations dealing with the heart. The accredited North Cypress Chest Pain Center is recognized by the Society of Chest Pain Centers for ongoing high-quality care and a high level of expertise in dealing with patients with heart attack symptoms.

For recovering hearts, the North Cypress Cardiac Rehabilitation Center has been nationally recognized as an accredited Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, making it the only certified program in the area.

North Cypress is offering a Free Heart Seminar to address what puts your heart at risk, heart attack warning signs and heart disease prevention. The seminar will be led by Dr. Fadi Alameddine, Cardiovascular Surgeon, and held on March 7th at 7pm. To register, call 832-9123734.

North Cypress Medical Center is located at Huffmeister and Highway 290. For more information about our Cardiac services, please contact the Cardiac Rehab Department at 832-912-3634.