North Cypress Medical Center underwent a hospital wide “Rapid Influx Decontamination” emergency management drill on Thursday, July 14th at approximately 8:20am. The drill began with reports that an 18-wheeler chemical truck was involved in a 30-car accident on Hwy 290, causing a critical chemical spill. North Cypress Volunteers participated as patients with a variety of life threatening and other injuries for the drill. Patients were picked up by ambulance on the hospital campus, as the Cy-Fair Fire Department took part in the drill with the hospital, and taken to the North Cypress Emergency Room (ER). Decontamination tents were erected near the ER as some of the “patients” required decontamination. The remaining patients were brought into the ER and taken through the appropriate course of hospital treatment. Hospitals often conduct these types of drills to practice their emergency skills and are required by The Joint Commission to conduct drills such as this twice a year.

“It is vital that hospital staff experience these drills to perfect their crisis management expertise when or if an emergency of this magnitude were to occur,” states Mike Dodson, Director of Facilities Management, Safety, and Design and Construction. “We were very thankful to have the cooperation of the Cy-Fair Fire Department to assist us and provide feedback during the drill.”