If you can answer "yes" to any of the following, Pelvic floor Rehabilitation Therapy may help.

  • Looking for a restroom everywhere you go?
  • Incontinence limiting your physical activities?
  • Pelvic pain preventing you from daily activities?
  • Are you voiding more than eight times a day?

Pelvic floor Rehabilitation Therapy is an individualized treatment program to strengthen and re-educate the pelvic floor muscles. Under the activity of the pelvic floor can result in urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, and pelvic organ prolapse. Over activity of the pelvic floor can result in pelvic pain.

Physical Therapists are experts in the muscular training and manual therapy to optimize recovery and function. We personally interview each woman who is referred, paying particular attention to the contributing behavioral factors and characteristics of her bladder dysfunction. An internal assessment, EMG evaluation to measure the electrical activity of a muscle, and bladder diary are included in the initial assessment (as indicated). We send reports involving findings and progress in therapy at regular intervals to the referring physician.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advocates the use of behavioral therapy with biofeedback as a means of treating bladder dysfunction before proceeding to invasive medical therapy or surgery. The program is so successful, in large part, because the biofeedback display allows us to quickly teach women a wide variety of muscle rehabilitative exercises and bladder control maneuvers that are far more effective than Kegel exercises alone.

We treat women of all ages. Our services are typically covered by most health insurances.

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